Sisters and Brothers,

Together, We Made Great Things Happen this Election Season.

Despite disappointing results across the country, we had a very successful election season here in San Diego and Imperial Counties.  Thanks to the countless hours of volunteer precinct walks, phone banks and conversations in the workplace, and thanks to the resources contributed by union members to targeted campaigns, we won four out of our top five priority races, and had big victories in districts large and small and throughout almost every region of our two counties.

This Fall, we targeted five key races:  Scott Peters in the 52nd Congressional District, Carol Kim in the San Diego City Council 6th District, Mary Salas for Mayor of Chula Vista, and John Rennison and Ray Castillo in the 1st and 5th Supervisorial Districts of Imperial County.  Congratulations to Scott, Mary, John and Ray for your hard fought victories, and thank you to Carol for carrying the torch for working families in a great and inspired campaign.  We should take note that over the past decade and then some, anti-worker forces have unfortunately been successful in nearly every contested race in our region that has taken place in non-Presidential general elections.  This fall, we began to turn that tide, and never has it been more obvious that our hard work getting out every vote has made the difference.  If anyone needed proof that every vote counts, and that therefore every door knock and every phone conversation counts, we just need to look at Scott Peters pulling out a victory despite trailing by 750 votes on election night, and John Rennison winning by fewer than 100 votes in Imperial County!

We can take particular pride in our work helping public education this election.  We know that as we fight every day to improve the lives of current workers, the future for our families, for a strong middle class and for a vibrant democracy depends on a strong public education system.  This election saw a clear debate play out between a vision for public education grounded in support for teachers, classified workers, parents and students, and those who want to corporatize education by attacking educators and their unions.  And we just won that debate overwhelmingly.  We helped pro public school candidates win or maintain majorities in Chula Vista, Sweetwater Unified, San Diego Unified, Poway, Calexico, and throughout our Community College Districts.  And we did our part in making sure California Superintendent of Public Instruction Tom Torlakson won re-election despite the millions of dollars of corporate money attacking him.

Finally, I want to personally thank and congratulate our two brothers Ken Seaton-Msemaji of the Sheet Metal Workers Local 206, and Nick Segura of IBEW Local 569, for stepping up and running for office this fall.  Ken fell a little short in National City, and Nick won big in Sweetwater Unified.  But we all were the winners as these family members articulated a clear and positive vision to voters about how we all do better when working families have real opportunity.  We know that Nick’s and Ken’s campaigns, along with the growing number of union candidates throughout our region, will inspire other union sisters and brothers to run for office in the future, and our community will be the better for it.

Please see below the list of our endorsed candidates and ballot initiatives and how they fared this election, and remember to come celebrate with us at 6pm on December 3rd at our Delegates Meeting at UFCW Local 135.

In Solidarity,

Richard Barrera

© 2014 San Diego and Imperial Counties Labor Council
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