“We Are One” 29th Annual Labor Council
Awards Dinner

Saturday, June 24th at the world-famous San Diego Zoo

The theme of this year’s dinner is simple: “We Are One”. Never has that been more important. There are dark forces aligned against us. Threats to workers, immigrants, people of color, women’s rights, the environment, the LBGTQ community and civil liberties have never been greater than they are today. Together, labor and our progressive allies will prevail in beating back these threats. We will prevail because “We Are One”. When we stand together, we’re unstoppable. That’s what this year’s dinner is all about.

This event will celebrate all that we do collectively to build power for working people in our region. Every union in our Labor Council will have the opportunity to choose one member to be recognized at the Awards Dinner. Together we will honor their organizing spirit and tireless devotion to building a stronger labor movement. This will be a special night for the labor movement to pay tribute to those rank-and-file volunteers who do so much to keep us strong.

Please send the name of your awardee by June 12th to Joshua Anijar at to make sure they are included in the celebration.

Click here to download the form to sponsor/purchase a ticket for the dinner!

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out. Email or call us at (619) 228-8101.