SAN DIEGO – June 12, 2015 – Richard Barrera, secretary-treasurer of the San Diego and Imperial Counties Labor Council released the following statement on today’s vote on trade legislation:

“We are deeply disappointed that Congress members Scott Peters (CA-52) and Susan Davis (CA-53) have prioritized the interests of corporations and the one percent over working families.

We are disheartened that Congress members Peters and Davis would vote to advance trade agreements that would put more than 300,000 San Diego jobs at serious risk of outsourcing when two in five San Diego households can’t afford to make ends meet (even with full-time work) and 26% of working families households still fall below the Self Sufficiency Standard. Something just doesn’t add up.

It is imperative that we hold our members of Congress accountable for their choices on issues affecting San Diegans. These Congressional districts need leaders who will stand together with working families to protect good jobs, the environment and healthy communities in the future.

I applaud the inspirational work San Diego’s labor, environmental, faith and trade communities have done together to keep this job-killing legislation from advancing. The collective action that working families have taken across the nation has saved jobs and strengthened our middle class. Together, we will continue to work to revitalize our economy through real growth, worker rights, higher wages, and shared prosperity.”

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