Unions United, United Way of San Diego County

Unions United, United Way of San Diego County, AFL-CIO Community Services, provides emergency assistance to union members experiencing hardships. Unions United provides assistance with food, gas & electric, security deposits, prescription drugs, bus tokens, unemployment claims and, when funding is available, rent and mortgage.

Unions United is located at:

4699 Murphy Canyon Road #103, San Diego, CA 92123.
Client assistance line: (858) 636-4116.
Fax: (858) 637-4889
Email: unionsunited@uwsd.org

Rent & Mortgage Assistance

Periodically, money is available for Unions United  Rent and Mortgage Program. If you are facing eviction from your apartment or have received a threatening letter from your mortgage company, you may be eligible for this assistance when funds are available. It is very important that you call our office before you come down for assistance. There are several documents that are necessary for you to bring which are required in order for us to assist you. Calling ahead of time will save you several trips.

Utility Bills

If you have received a past due SDG&E or Water bill, you may qualify for partial payment of your energy bill through  one of Unions United programs. You will need to speak to one of our Program technicians to set up an appointment.

Security Deposit Program

Unions United has developed a program that will eliminate the need to have so much up front money for security deposits. If you can afford the rent payment and have a zip code within the San Diego city limits, but do not have enough money for a security deposit, call us for details.

Food Assistance

Our bags contain food from a variety of resources. The amount of food that we have available throughout the year varies, depending on these resources. We will provide food to union members to the best of our ability and as frequently as our resources allow us.

Unemployment Claim Assistance

If you need assistance in filing for unemployment insurance, we may be able to  help you. If you are denied unemployment insurance benefits and want to appeal that decision, we can refer you to the Employee Rights Center to represent you in the appeal hearing.

Prescription Assistance Program

If you are unable to pay your prescription co pay, you may qualify for our prescription assistance program. Please speak to one of our Program Technicians for more information or to schedule an appointment.

Volunteer opportunities with Unions United

Volunteer opportunities are available with Community Service Letters offered for hours completed.
Contact Ruby Featherly at:  ruby.featherly@uwsd.org for more information.