Purpose of the Caucus?

  • With these global goals of the mission statement in mind, the San Diego-Imperial Counties Labor Council Environmental Caucus’s specific purpose is to:
  • Educate our members and the community about the pressing environmental issues of our day and possible solutions to the present crisis.
  • Build strong alliances and partnerships between labor and other environmental and community groups.
  • Serve as a policy body inside the labor council that assures that labor’s agenda always includes an environmental focus and that labor’s issues are always present in larger discussions of environmental issues.
  • Promote progressive labor/environmental legislation.

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News and Updates

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Priorities include membership education, building environmental partnerships and advocating for climate action that strengthens the…

The San Diego-Imperial Counties Labor Council Environmental Caucus is committed to:

  • Engaging our members and the community about labor’s role in advocating for tangible solutions to the climate crisis that simultaneously strengthen our middle-class.
  • Letting our members know that good green jobs don’t kill construction projects, in fact in some cases it actually increases opportunity.
  • Insisting that those who might be displaced should be retrained for the new economy as well as ensuring that the green economy is creating union career opportunities to ensure a just transition for working people.
  • Building and sustaining real partnerships with the local environmental movement and community groups committed to economic and environmental justice.
  • Pushing for bold new political and policy initiatives that move beyond lip service to effectively address the two great issues of our age—historic economic inequality and climate change

Read the full Mission Statement of the Environmental Caucus here.